In Loving Memory

Skylar Patrick Blackwell

May 22nd 1994 - June 15th 2017


    I would like to say a few words about Skylar.

    He was my Friend first and Foremost. I loved him and treated him like a Son.  When I met Skylar he came to me needing a job not knowing the shop he currently worked for was the shop I had started back in 2000. But I immediately knew he had potential. I could tell he was starving to learn CNC machining and had never been given the right training. So, I took a chance on him and let's just say, it didn't start out going that easy. He made a lot of mistakes and I was hard on him. I don't know if he was prepared for the training and discipline I was about to give him. He had told me he never really had a steady serious father figure in his life. And not that I was trying to be one, I was his employer but I took to him and I really liked him a lot. I know younger people these days don't understand that. But, you can be stern and disciplined with someone and still really like them. And I think as time went on he valued that because he never had any discipline. As he got better at machining I started to notice that information I fed him, he could retain. A key factor in my book for someone to become a really good machinist. And he had it. So we went through some good times and went through some hard times, but, he figured it out. He worked when I needed him to and he had a desire to please and make sure I and the others in the shop were happy. A great quality about Skylar was he was easy to get along with and he was willing to give you the shirt off his back and be there if you needed him.

     Skylar was very smart and had a high IQ. Capable of much more than what he knew and I really wanted to show him that. I wanted so much more for him and I knew he was capable of being super successful. He full capabilities of some day running my shop. I had huge aspiration and high hopes for him.

    We did not get to enjoy as much personal time. Most of the time we spent together was at my shop. We went to my Deer lease and went fishing. The salt water fishing was really the first time he had caught fish and I knew he really enjoyed it.

     I really hoped to have spent more time with him outside of the shop. we shared common interest and we liked many of the same things. Even if I was much older than him. And while he was not working at my shop at the time I really visions of him coming back eventually. I hoped for it.

    Out of all the people I have ever trained and worked with he had the most potential for being one of the best machinist I had ever trained. He would eventually become the full package as far as a machinist goes. I really wanted that for him.

    When I heard about what happened to him I was really feeling bad about it. Our relationship was rocky at best and he stopped by the shop a couple of days before to ask me to help him out in his new job. But, at the time, I was mad at him for quitting and I was not kind to him. It was the last time I ever saw him and that is not the way I would have liked things to end.

    You never know when someone is going to leave your life. When someone will exit and you will never see them again. It's never easy to lose someone like that. but God needed him more than we did. God had a job he needed machined and God is the greatest Machinist of all. He will be missed but he will be doing what he loved to do and will learn more than I could imagine.

    I want to say my condolences to the Family and I am so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed being around  him and I will never forget him


    Billy Fielder


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